Civil engineers from Aachen

Since founding in 2004 Ingenaix is acting as an independent, national and international active engineering office with focus on designing, engineering and realizing complex civil construction projects. We support both automotive investors and public clients and offer civil engineering services and technical consulting.

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Our engineering colleagues

We employ motivated and competent engineering colleagues with a high level of soft skill and exquisite professional expertise. Their knowledge, expertise and experience are the core value and back bone of Ingenaix success. We offer an attractive work environment and support individual improvement of competences. We espouse equal opportunities for all of our colleagues!

At any time we communicate open, appropriate and transparent internally and in relation to external third parties.

At all times, we expect our managers to handle all resources with appropriate responsibility and to set an example as a role model towards all their colleagues.

Achim Fuß - Bauzeichner
Anna Gerhards - Dipl.-Ing.
Christian Reszka - Dipl.-Ing.
Felix Wehrle - B.Sc. Bauing.
Lisa Kaulard - Bürokauffrau
Johannes Borkens - Auszubildender
Kevin Titz - Techniker
Lukas Isenhardt - Student
Marie Manthey - B.Eng. Bauing.
Sophia Segadlo - M.Sc. Bauing.
Yvonne Jurgo - Bauzeichnerin
Felix Common - Dipl.-Ing. / CEO
Franziska Renz- Bauzeichnerin
Arne Rothe - Dipl.-Ing.
Marc Schmits-Lapainer- Dipl.-Ing. / authorized representative
Thomas Brocks - Dipl.-Ing.
Fritjoph Rotert - Master of Science (M. Sc.) Umweltingenieurwissenschaften
Stefan Bousonville - Dipl.-Ing. / authorized representative


Our integrity and reputation are the measure of all our activities. Honesty, fairness and lawfulness therefore determine our behavior in relation to our business partners, authorities and our clients. We carefully handle the resources available. The safety of our Ingenaix personnel, the construction workers and the future users is very important to us – taking responsibility through our actions for the people and environment.

Ingenaix Ingenieure Aachen
Ingenaix Ingenieure Aachen
Ingenaix Ingenieure Aachen
Ingenaix Ingenieure Aachen
Ingenaix Ingenieure Aachen
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Ingenaix Ingenieure Aachen

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