Driving Experience Center

The Art of Driving!

Emotional road engineering


As a competent planning partner Ingensix will bring your automotive project from the first sketches to inauguration.

We focus our engineering key competences on the following project types:

  • RSTC road safety training centers
  • DEC brand Driving Experience Centers
  • industrial used test tracks and proving grounds
  • race circuits and handling tracks
  • incl. related technical equipment
  • incl. related project management

We offer interdisciplinary consulting and engineering know how throughout all civil works and technical equipment providing you with the services of the following engineering phases:

A. Project development

  • feasibility study
  • concept studies for entire project or parts therof
  • economic feasibility study
  • development of construction phases

B. Design and engineering

  • project basics
  • schematic design
  • detailed and construction design
  • construction application
  • preparation of tender documents and bidding
  • planning in existing infrastructure
  • site supervision and site superintendence

C. Mehrwert

Gerne zeigen wir Ihnen in einem persönlichen Gespräch Ihren Mehrwert durch eine Partnerschaft mit Ingenaix.

Automotive projects

BMW Driving Experience Center Shanghai, China
Kat.: Driving experience + road safety
Kyalami Circuit
Kat.: Race track + handling track
AUDI Anlauf- Prüf und Analysezentrum, Brüssel, Belgien
Kat.: Test track + prooving ground
BMW Driving Experience Center, Incheon, Südkorea
Kat.: Driving experience + road safety
CERMcity Testfeld
Kat.: Test track + prooving ground
Fahrsicherheitszentrum Schlüsselfeld
Kat.: Driving experience + road safety